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Upper Extremity

Many stroke survivors must cope with issues of functionality in upper extremities, such as hemiplegia and spasticity.  Here the Stroke-Network has brought together information on physical therapies, medical treatments and equipment that can be used to facilitate rehabilitation in the arms and hands.

Spasticity Treatments After Stroke-Part 3 of 3

Spasticity Treatments After Stroke-Part 3 of 3: Intramuscular injection treatments for stroke related spasticity.

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Spasticity Treatments After Stroke-Part 2 of 3

Oral medication therapy options to treat spasticity after stroke.

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Spasticity Treatments After Stroke-Part 1 of 3

Occupational therapy to treat upper extremity impairment associated with spasticity.

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Improve Your Balance, Strength and Flexibility

Yoga is recognized for increasing strength and flexibility, however it can also be great for increasing the balance in stroke patients.

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Rehabilitation Techniques that Help Stroke Survivors Regain the Ability to Drive

Physical and mental exercises can help stroke survivors become safe, competent drivers so they

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Goal Setting For Stroke Rehabilitation and Recovery

Setting goals is the best way to achieve a successful stroke rehabilitation outcome.

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Alternative Types of Therapy to Keep it Fun

Stroke recovery and rehabilitation doesn’t need to be all work and no play. Put some fun back into your routine.

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Spasticity 101

Spasticity is a condition in which muscles are continuously contracted, causing stiffness and pain. What causes spasticity?

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Assistive Devices for Upper Extremity Mobility

Technological devices that can supplement traditional therapies and provide more opportunities to regain function.

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Gaming Technology Improves Strength and Coordination

Learn how Wiihabilitation can be incorporated into your recovery routine.

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