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Tip of The Day-Preventing Falls

Stroke survivors are at a higher risk for falls due to reduced or changed vision, hearing, reflexes, balance, strength, gait, posture, cognition or medication. A fall with a broken bone can be the start of more serious problems for stroke survivors and the elderly. Areas rugs have loose corners that can trip a stroke survivor, plush carpets can create drag and hardwood floors can be slippery.

Tack down the corners and side of area rugs. Several companies make a "carpet" tape. It's a double sided tape to affix a smooth backed stiffer rug to the floor. Note, carpet tape won't work for throw rugs that are very soft or made of uneven flexible materials, it is best to simply remove these types rugs from the home.

Replace plush carpet and hardwood floors with low-pile carpet or vinyl laminate flooring for reduced drag and non-slip footing.

By: Stroke-Network.com

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