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Tip of The Day-Holding Items in Place


After a stroke it can be hard to hold items in place or open items due to either lack of strength or limited use of an arm.


Purchase Dycem and or rubberized shelf liner and cut the liner into shapes and sizes needed.

"I use these rubberized squares to keep things from slipping on any surface. They can be found at many hardware stores, kitchen shops or a lifetime supply at Costco. I use them in every room and have pieces of it all over our home, in my car, and I travel with it too. It's the same idea as having suction cups underneath whatever you're doing. It's great for opening lids, etc. (e.g., put one piece under the jar and open the lid with another piece and you'll be amazed how it works). It is the single most thing I use. I buy it in one big roll and cut it up to any size I need.

There is also a similar product called Dycem that is very good, but it's more expensive than the non-skid rubberized squares. I have a couple small pieces of Dycem and tons of the rubberized squares. They are both helpful."

~Linda Hughes

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