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Stroke Survivor Walks Across America to Spread Awareness

In July of 1988, Mycle Brandy was 37. He was working as a glazier in Southern California when he suffered a work accident. Within two weeks he suffered his first stroke. He was left nearly deaf, with constant head pain.

Despite this, Mycle went back to school. Within 18 months he completed his AA degree in Music Taxonomy and received a Paralegal certificate. Then he completed his Bachelors of Science in Law. Soon thereafter, Mycle suffered his second stroke but the lasting effects were minimal.

In an effort to keep going, Mycle started work for another glass company. Then he suffered his third and most devastating stroke. The stroke paralyzed his right side and left him in a wheel chair. Through daily exercise and extreme dedication to his recovery Mycle worked his way back to mobility within a year. He vowed to move forward to a life of health and exercise. He gave up all alcohol, ate a more balanced diet, and started working out in a gym.

In 2004, Mycle received a postcard from the American Stroke Association offering him the opportunity to train to complete a full or half marathon while raising money for the organization. Within 12 short weeks of training, Mycle and his wife Louise completed their first 26.2 mile marathon. They learned that by walking each week and doing a little bit each day, that progress would happen. Mycle went on to complete eight full marathons and ten half marathons including the prestigious San Francisco and Boston marathons.  He was on the road to a true transformation.

After raising $5,000 for the American Heart Association while participating in the Boston Marthon, Mycle decided he wanted to do something even more impressive. In 2010, while meeting with a local newspaper reporter, Mycle announced that he was going to walk across the United States.

He left on his 59th Birthday, February 14, 2010, from Newport Beach, CA and arrived in Washington D.C. on October 10th. With the support of a small circle of family and friends he completed his lofty goal. He raised more than $12,000 for the AHA and visited scores of hospitals and stroke support groups along the way. He even received a congratulatory letter from President Barrack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama.

Next he walked from San Diego to Seattle, visiting even more hospitals and spreading his message of encouragement and support.

Now, Mycle is in the midst of his third major Walk Across America, from Maine to Miami. His plans are to complete the walk in Miami in mid February 2013. Mycle will be speaking to support groups and hospitals along the way to share stories of rising above adversity and living fortitude and determination. There is life after stroke and Mycle is living proof. 

Keep track of Mycle as he makes his way across the country on his Facebook page.

By: Louise Brandy, Wife of Mycle Brandy, stroke survivor

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"There is life after stroke and Mycle is living proof. "

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