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Night Before Christmas Nutrition

On the night before Christmas, all through your kitchen
There should be much to eat for good brain nutrition.
For a brain now to find enhanced precision,
You must the same, and make good decisions.

Because brain nutrition makes good sense,
The amount of advice about it's immense.
But the advice is rarely clear and conflict-free -
People want "music" – not "noise" – they agree.

Sometimes, however, you cannot delay.
You must do what you can and, you know, that's OK.
Three things, you will find, help you plan your way –
Doctors, dieticians, health care advisors to save your day.

Higher energy; less pain; increased memory enhancement.
Reduced cognitive decline; higher functional advancement!
There are many things nutrition can do.
Stroke Network online helps you see your way through.

For energy it's said, magnesium, B12are key,
And virtually all health professionals agree.
U.S. Office of Dietary Supplement fact sheets say,
"Nuts and cereal can provide magnesium and B12 every day!"

For pain relief, your options include
DHA and EPA from fish oil food.
And Vitamin E from vegetable oils, fortified cereals,
Nut, and leafy green veggies on the table.

For improved memory and mental ability,
The Lancet proclaims: rosemary and folic acid – take them responsibly!
These herbs, you see, come in powdered form,
Mixed in with other foods holiday, everyday health they perform.

There is no end to what nutrients can do,
To help you recover – have a better life too.
Even things you might think are bad, can be good –
During a holiday season, if they're well understood.

Chocolate, you see, it's reported activity
Includes increasing your body's natural sensitivity.
And ingredients in chocolate can give you a high.
The value of chocolate's (with 60 percent cacao) hard to deny.

You can have an alcoholic beverage this season.
There's no cause to fret – there's a very good reason.
Oxidative stress reportedly causes aging.
Red wine might neutralize this for youthful engaging.

Even coffee can fall into a "good" category.
Caffeine can slow aging and enhance short-term memory.
Researchers have found coffee improves solving skills.
Coffee is considered by many to be one of nature's most potent elixirs.

So, this year is done; the value of good nutrition never will be.
You're on the cusp of a new year, with challenges and opportunities.
Stroke-Network.com's holiday present to you:
Good reasons to drink wine, coffee and eat chocolate, too!

By: Roger Maxwell, Marathon runner, patent attorney, author of Taking Charge of Your Stroke Recovery: A Personal Recovery Workbook, Visit website

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