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Mobility Aids for Stroke Survivors

Specialty products that match each stage of recovery

One of the most important things a stroke survivor can do to facilitate rehabilitation is get moving again. Every individual is unique in terms of the needs and the speed at which they recover. Get the mobility device that will be the most functional for you throughout the recovery process, whether thats a cane to help work through stiffness from spasticity, or a power scooter to provide you with all-terrain mobility.

Combination Sturdy Cane and Sling Seat

For stroke survivors that are comfortable walking independently, yet experience feelings of fatigue on longer walks, a solution like the Drive Sling Seat Cane might be ideal. This particular model is a sturdy quad cane and seat, all-in-one.

Use the cane to walk freely, then expand it into a chair to rest when and where you need to. The nylon, sling-style seat is wide and comfortable, and the cane features easy-to-grip foam handles.

Combination Wheelchair and Walker

A mobility aid that incorporates the functions of a walker and a wheelchair is a suitable solution for many stroke survivors. Use the wheelchair to provide transportation during the early stages of rehabilitation and the walker more and more throughout recovery.

This model, the Carex Ultra-Ride Rollator Transport Chair, provides a versatile mobility aid that can be used to walk, sit, or ride. The numerous capabilities of this Rollator chair ensure that an active stroke survivor can keep their appointments regardless of a lack of energy, mobility, or confidence.

The Rollator switches modes easily, meaning it will retain its use through every step of the recovery process. It weighs only 17 pounds and folds easily for storing and transport purposes. The roomy, extra-wide, 19-inch seating area is made for comfort, and can support up to 250 pounds.

All Terrain Power Chair

For stroke survivors for whom mobility is extremely difficult or unattainable, an option like a power chair might be preferable. Equipment like this is expensive, but very durable and will provide a long term solution to mobility issues.

This particular model, the Pride Jazzy 600 Power Wheelchair is an advanced, personal mobility scooter designed to deliver the ultimate in convenience and comfort. With Pride's patented dual-drive motor design, 14-inch knobby tires, and Active-Trac ATX Suspension, this deluxe mobility aid provides an unbeatably smooth ride even on the toughest terrains.

This particular power chair was designed to descend uneven areas with ease. Their unique spherical design prevents hang-ups and reduces impact when caught on doorways, furniture or unsuspecting toes.

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"Get the mobility device that will be the most functional for you throughout the recovery process."

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