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Hobbies are the activities that we choose to occupy our free time. That shouldn't change after a stroke. Find ways to adapt your hobby to suit any physical challenges you might be facing or try new activities bettered suited to your abilities.

Improve Your Balance, Strength and Flexibility

Yoga is recognized for increasing strength and flexibility, however it can also be great for increasing the balance in stroke patients.

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Gardening As Therapy-Improve Balance, Coordination and Sense of Accomplishment

As spring approaches, consider taking up gardening or getting back into your garden for therapy, fresh air and a sense of accomplishment.

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Back on the Golf Course After a Stroke

Getting back on the golf course after a stroke is possible and it's good for you. Check out these excercises, tips and resources and get back on the golf course this spring.

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Walking Improves Stroke Survivors’ Lives

Regular, brisk walking after having a stroke could help boost your physical fitness, mobility and quality of life.

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Alternative Types of Therapy to Keep it Fun

Stroke recovery and rehabilitation doesn’t need to be all work and no play. Put some fun back into your routine.

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5 Easy Steps to Accessing Recreation After a Stroke

Discover or get back into recreational pursuits for a better life after stroke.

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The Therapeutic Benefits of Animal Companions

Stroke survivors get comfort and encouragement out of their household pets.

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Helpful Hobbies After a Stroke

Recreational activities that can pass the time, improve quality of life and facilitate recovery.

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