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Kitchen Aids for Stroke Survivors

When it comes to stroke rehabilitation, the issues surrounding mealtime are unique. Most people, understandably, want to retain the habit of feeding themselves and will sometimes endure discomfort to continue doing so. Fortunately, independent eating becomes easy, comfortable and painless with only slight alterations made to a standard place setting.

Easy to use Utensils

Easy to grip adaptive silverware for stroke survivorsThe Good Grip utensils by OXO make operating basic knives, spoons and forks much easier.

The thick, non-slip grips make once difficult manipulation of these items an after-thought, thereby facilitating a deeper enjoyment of food, conversation, company, etc., Good Grip weighted utensils are also available to help keep hands steady.


A Sleeve for Gripping

A cuff that enables stroke survivors to gripSimilarly, the ADL Universal Cuff is a clever tool that is wonderful for stroke survivors for whom gripping is a challenge. The elastic band fits around the circumference of the area between the knuckles and the top of the palm.

The comfortable elastic band allows for easy, fingerless use of silverware, pens, or any number of objects that can fit in the long narrow sleeve.


A Knife Made for Easy Cutting

An adaptive knife for stroke survivorsThe Rocking T Knife is one of those incredibly smart products that anyone can make use of, regardless of level of dexterity. The rocking motion facilitated by the semi-circle shape of the blade makes it easy to cut using just one hand and slight pressure.

As anyone who has ever had trouble slicing hard vegetables, fruit or stubborn meats can attest, this knife could come in incredibly handy in any number of situations.


Jar and Bottle Openers

Easy jar openers for stroke survivorsOf course those who were never inclined to go to any lengths to prepare food in the first place might be just fine with pre-packaged or microwavable foods.

However, even for these people, there will inevitably come a time in which opening a bottle or jar becomes an unavoidable necessity. Just a small compromise in strength however and this task becomes a challenge. Very affordable products from Dycem, such as the Jar Opener Pad and Bottle Opener Grip, facilitate manipulation of jars and bottles with little effort. The Zim Wall Mount Jar Opener, while a little pricier, liberates the tops of bottles and jars alike. Plus it is long-lasting and stays put so will never be misplaced.

Cutting Boards for the Creative Cooks

Adaptive cutting board for stroke survivorsThe desire to independently cook and prepare meals from scratch or close to it however, is somewhat of a different story. This has more to do with personal identity than anything else.

For some people, food preparation is a ritual, a soothing pastime, or art form even. It’s important that those who enjoy cooking, baking, etc., are able to continue doing so no matter their condition or level of mobility.

The Swedish Cutting Board is a useful solution for anyone who prefers to prepare their own food. This lone tool slices, chops, grates and tenderizes. An attached stainless-steel spike holds food in place, and a vice is available to secure larger items such as mixing bowls. This is perhaps the ultimate device for anyone with mobility or dexterity issues who enjoys meal preparation, or finds it to be therapeutic. After all, remaining active and continuing to participate in favorite hobbies and pastimes is a key part of any recovery.

By: Courtesy, ActiveForever.com

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"Independent eating becomes easy, comfortable and painless with only slight alterations made to a standard place setting."

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