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Tip Of The Day-Continue Aphasia Therapy At Home


Insurance places limits on the number of paid speech therapy sessions a stroke survivor is eligible to receive.


Find at home speech thereapy programs to enhance your current sessions and contiute therapy after covered sessions have been used. Look for programs that were developed by speech and language pathologists. Find programs that incorporate therapy techniques used in acutal speech therapy sessions.

Two reputable programs are:

Communication Partner produces DVD programs that provide aphasia therapy for individuals to use at home. Their products are based on techniques that have been used in actual speech therapy sessions for years by clinicians. The programs focus on repetition, auditory stimulation and written stimulation.

Lingraphica is a leading provider of speech-generating devices and therapy apps for people whose ability to speak or understand words has been impaired by a stroke. They offer a number of mobile apps.

By: Amy McCraken, Stroke-Network.com

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