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Bathroom Aids for Stroke Survivors

Stroke survivors will attest that carrying on with life as normal and maintaining independence are some of the most important rehabilitation goals. Obviously, the private act of bathing is a large part of this. Having the ability to bathe independently is an important step for someone with a diminished level of mobility. There are certain products that have proven to be extremely useful in this manner, designed to assist stroke survivors at any level of recovery and mobility.

Safety First Designer Bronze Oval Grab Bar

This elegant, ADA compliant bath grab bar offers sturdy support while in the shower in an attractive, sleek design. With a 500 pound capacity, easy installation, and contemporary style this grab bar helps prevent bathroom accidents while accenting your décor.

For stroke survivors that are confident standing and bathing independently, but have issues with their balance, a grab bar is an easy addition that can help prevent a serious fall.

Toilevator Toilet Riser

For individuals with mobility issues from a stroke or arthritis, an elevated toilet seat can make all the difference in the world when it comes to maintaining independence and comfort in the restroom. The Toilevator Toilet Riser adds 3.5 inches of elevation to any existing toilet.

It raises the toilet by fitting underneath it, attached to the ground, eliminating the need for cumbersome raised toilet seats or safety frames.  Easily installed, this item provides comfort, safety and hygiene.

SafetyBath Walk In Bathtub Serenity

With a walk in bathtub from SafetyBath, the freedom to safely, easily and independently enter the bath tub is attainable. It’s the complete package, featuring a non-slip surface, seat, hand held shower and grab bar. All this and the outswing door makes it the perfect addition for anyone with any degree of difficulty with mobility.

This particular tub also offers four separate models with varying levels of whirlpools and jets to also give relief to sore joints and muscles.

Bellavita Whisper Ultra Quiet Bathtub Lift

The Whisper bathtub lift is a smart, innovative device designed to offer greater independence to those who have suffered from a stroke or any degree of mobility declination. 

This 20.5 pound bathtub lift is the lightest on the market yet can support up to 300 pounds. With simple installation, this lift is both easy to use and conveniently folds when not in use.

By: Courtesy, ActiveForever

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"Having the ability to bathe independently is an important step for someone with a diminished level of mobility. "

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