Article Guidelines, a Web based resource, welcomes anyone who has experienced a stroke or who works in the field of stroke to share their knowledge or experience through writing. Our topic categories are:

  • Rehabilitation and Recovery
  • Lifestyle
  • Caregivers
  • Finance and Legal
  • Prevention
  • Stories of Hope

All submissions are to be well-organized, original works targeted to stroke survivors, their families and caregivers. The best articles are usually about subjects with which you have had first-hand experience. Please be thorough with technical information, and assume the reader has no knowledge of your topic. Provide information on specific products or services including a name, Website, and telephone number if the information is relevant to your article; however, overt or blatant product endorsements will not be allowed.

Please review the following writer guidelines for more information on the audience, organization, objectivity, resources, style, length, format and submission requirements.

Download the writer guidelines:

Articles, Stories and Essays.

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