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The ability to quickly access and share up-to-date medical records is an issue for stroke patients. READ MORE Rehab & Recovery
Yoga is recognized for increasing strength and flexibility, and it can also be great for increasing balance in stroke patients. READ MORE Rehab & Recovery
With spring upon us, take up gardening. Get back into your garden for therapy, fresh air and a sense of accomplishment. READ MORE Rehab & Recovery
Physical and mental exercises can help stroke survivors become safe, competent drivers so they can get behind the wheel again. READ MORE Rehab & Recovery
Photos of stroke survivors.
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Spasticity Treatments After Stroke-Part 3 of 3

Spasticity Treatments After Stroke-Part 3 of 3: Intramuscular injection treatments for stroke related spasticity.

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Dr. Randall Kaye of Avanir Pharmaceuticals explains the basics about Pseudobulbar affect (PBA) after a stroke.

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Empowering Caregivers 6 Steps

Strokes, whether mild or severe, can shatter lives and relationships. Follow these 6 simple strategies to reclaim your life and relationships.

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Medigap Insurance Plans For Stroke Survivors

Medigap insurance premiums are still open to stroke survivors at rates offered to those without pre-existing conditions.

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The Latest in Cardiac Arrhythmia Treatments

While minor arrhythmias may require no treatment, more serious types may increase the risk of stroke and require medical care.

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Tip of the Day

Top-Ten Tips For Stroke Survivors: Ten -Deal With Aphasia

Peter Blair shares tips on how to deal with some of the hidden effects of stroke.

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